[Nu 012] Andres Shuffle "Dark Truth Ep"


[Nu 012] Andres Shuffle "Dark Truth Ep"

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[Nu 012] Andres Shuffle "Dark Truth Ep"

Artist: Andres Shuffle  ”Dark Truth Ep”

Remixes By : Leticia Lemach, Dexter Overclock , Ungar , A.Vazquez, S.Mazmann

Style: Minimal

Ref: Nu 012
Release Beatport Date: 11/01/2012



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Support/Played by: Miro Pajic , Xtramol , Benjamin Fehr , Kane Roth , Javier Orduña , Douglas Fugazi(Medellinstyle.com) , Michel Cleis (Cadenza) ,Daniel Sanchez (Plus8) , Repton , Ochu LaRoss , Danny Smith , Hugo , Monktec , Display Fm , Mark Denken , Julio Portillo … and many more


axel bartsch (sportclub)

sven jozwiak (HSH, Kassette Rec)
nice one guys thanks

Johan Nilsson (DI Radio)
Cool dark stuff. Original and Dexter's remix. Will support

D'FunK (Elektek,Underscore,Capsula,Translucent)
nice one guys

Michel Cleis (Cadenza)
Downloading for Michel Cleis

Douglas Fugazi (Medellinstyle.com)
beautiful tracks.. all package is awesome.. support!

Thanks for the promo,Ungar & Leticia for me :)

Jackie Dj from Zero Absence
Like Dexter's rmx very much...very dark!!! Will def. support!

Dexter mix for me, feels like I've turned down a wrong alley! Loving it!

Cassandria Daiva (DJ Mag Canada | IHM |Erotech)
cool but too dark for me

Becka (Gotham City Records)
Too bad I didn't receive this promo 5 days ago, otherwise I would have played it for NYE. Next time ;) Nice release....

original and S.Matmann for us. thx!

Nick Robson (Particles, Stripped, Pure Substance, Bulletdodge)
lovely stuff

Daniel Sanchez (Bla Bla records, Be Real, Plus8)
Dexter remix rocks!

Patrick DSP (Unknown Forces, Kne' Deep, Fine Audio...)
good groove.

Sebastian Koch (31337records)
Thanks for the promo.

Kenny Ground (Southpark Records)
Cool stuff guys! Compliments...

Neroh Wassa (Doma Musique / Miniatura Records)
nice one, thaks!

Atmosfera 3 (Rne)
Para Atmósfera contínua

Jean Simon
Good Ep downloading! Thanks

Cuba Graph
i'll support. this my favorite kind of sound.

! Intensitive
Thank, nice stuff Dark truth(Original Mix).

Miro Pajic
Cool release! Thanks

Repton (Login rec. Divided, DUB rec.)
original and ungar my picks from this ep .

Ochu LaRoss
Nice ep

Massimo (Definition of Techno)
Great Mixes!!!!!!!

Deep House Page
Dark is right. The Ungar mix does it for me

Nikkolas Research (Elektek/Drops/Verboten)
Both ep is nice ! Support !

Danny Smith
Vazquez remix for me

luca doobie (radio popolare - amnesia milano)
nice gloomy stuff, vasquez my fave ;) Lrmixcloud.com/radiopopsessions

Isaac Levy
Orignal mix, great sound, love the subb/bass again. nice minimal touch.

Richie Hawtin (M-nus)
download for r hawtin

Morgans (Stoshmusic.com)
good chit budy`s..) Fool support!

Dual Voice
Original, Ungar and Leticia Lemach remixes for me, Thanks for the promo! Will play for sure.!

Warm FM
darkness! ssssssssssss ;))))

Dany T & Pako Parisi (Hypnotic Frames - DO2Night - 11hz - Hamburg Aufnahmen - Flatbell)
Support, tnx

Dexter Overlock (Monocline / Divided / Redukt)
Amazing EP! Original is a very great quality minimal piece! Always reaching in new forms of music. rMy favorites Ungar, Leticia Lemach and Dexter Overclock remixes! Remixers create very interesting remixes!

Dr Think
good tracks

Penwin (www.radiotuvox.com)
Solid EP! Like the original a lot + will support Leticia Lembach Remix.

Hugo (Toni Music) (Systematic)
original for me.tnx!

Xtramol (Krad Records, Shufflemood, Plastik.FM, Italo Business)
great ep!! original & ungar remix for me!

Rapsodia Radio La frecuencia virtual (PDJR/Rapsodia Records)
Nice job!!!!

Daniel du Noy
The ones that really stand out are the Original Mix and Ungars remix. Where I'm really blown away by the Orig! inal! Will be played out loud!

Robert Grand
D! exter Ov erclock's Ahexerova Remix for me. THX

Angel Costa
Dexter Remix is nice!

Bruno Sacco (Gravite/Awdio/Batofar)
Leticia Lemach rmx it's for me ! tnx!

Hans Tavera (Afterhours Radio Show 99.1 FM)
Ungar Remix is good!

De:Bug (De:Bug)
review to follow

Du Sant
nice ep! full support for this label

Digging Dexters remix! nice and simple, dark and techy

yeah!!! Thank's rrIs Big EP!

Mika (Innervate Records)
thanks for promo ...sounds nice vocal is great.

Pitwo (NuLabel, Unusual Sound)
Ungar and Alex Vazquez remixes 4 me!!

Grumpy (LQD) (Liquid Inc | Drops, Aquasound, Deep, Pure.FM, Proton Radio, Inso)
Vocals are too familiar in the orignal. Like the Lemach & Ungar Remixes for me, thx

Luca Marano (Paul's Boutique - Off - Tenax)
i'! ll give a try to the original mix

Stefano Amalfi (Sound Division)
Original for me!

Jorge (cool music radio)
ungar remix for me!!!

Todd (Resident Advisor)
Thanks! Downloading.

Tomzn (DIVIDED recordings)
yeah...original is massive!!nice mixes by leticia and ungar!!great ep!

Paco Osuna (Plus 8)
downloaded thank you :)

Benjamin Fehr
dark truth is just because of the title good attitude ))roriginal is amzing, all remixes very cool, but for me too many.rany way a very cool ep.rin my bag for sure!!rgo on!r

Kane Roth
the original mix for me, thanks.

JAVIER ORDUÑA (Resopal/Amam/Pong/Rubrik/Cuatro)
I love the Original one!! Nice Voices and nice souns there!! :)

O'Neal AKA Leano (Chameleon Black Records)
Original and Ungar for me ! Amazing wicked vocal line , perfect for a special intro on my set ! Thank You!

Tsugi mag (Tsugi Mag)
cool ep

Kenny Brian (Celestial! Records /Ole Music/FingerPrint)
Original Mix and Ungar remix for me Sounds Good.

Bruno Ledesma & Lucas Ezequiel (NuLabel | Freitag Limited)
great tracks! Ungar, Lemach & Overclock remixes are favs.rfull support!

Mattias Fridell (Gynoid / Compound / Labrynth / M_GREY /)
The original is a highly interesting minimal tune, not often this happens these days.

Anderson Noise
downloading thanks

monktec (Divided/Frucht/Fourth kind )
great ep, original and the remixes are bomb...

DisplayFm (Numbolic,Emote Music,Doma Musique)
great release original and remixes!!r

Mark Denken (1605 - Italo Business)
Great release , Ungar remix for me !

(fakin)Corso (finefood, mischievous, abstrakt records)
nice one andres!!!rgreat remixes!r r

Gret EP

Julio Portillo ((Frucht Label,DomaMusique,Bluemenbeat Records))
Big ep!!!Great quality sounds!!love ! the original and Ungar,Leticia Lemach remixes!!!Full support!!Congratulations

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour | GDJB)
downloading for Markus

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